Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Classic from Trader Joes

Well, its the Sunday night before the start of "Close Out."  For those of you who don't work at a fitness center or gym, its the last 4 days of the month where we work 12 hour days, 4 days in a row.  Its a great time for business, not such a great time for home cooked meals worthy of my blog.  So tonight, I leave you with a delicious easy treat straight from Trader Joes, I won't be cooking for the next 4 days so look for a new meal on Friday!

Trader Joes Orange Chicken- spiced up Kristie Style!

What you need:
1 bag of Trader Joes Orange Chicken- Frozen.
2 Packets of Trader Joes White Jasmine Rice- Frozen.
Baby Bok Choy- enough to serve 2-3 people.
Fresh Garlic- 6-7 cloves
Sea Salt

Follow the instructions for the Orange Chicken.  I usually keep the oven a bit warmer, around 425-450 instead of the called for 400 degrees.  This makes the chicken nice and crispy!

Bok Choy:
Peal each leaf apart, rinse in cold water- be sure to be thorough in cleaning as there is usually dirt deep inside.
Chop the stems from the leaves.
Finely chop the garlic.
In a large skillet, two circles around the pan with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 
Saute the Olive Oil and Garlic for about 30 seconds, add the Bok Choy Stems and saute for another minute.  Lastly add the Bok Choy Leaves and saute for another 30 seconds - 1 minute.
Turn off the heat and cover with tin foil.  The bok choy should remain bright green and the steams should still be crunchy, while the leaves just begin to look wilted.

Microwave the rice per the package instructions.

Mix the chicken with the orange sauce, place over rice and decorate the sides of the bowl with your beautifully delicious Bok Choy.

Enjoy this one, it only takes about 30 minutes or less and all the ingredients come straight from your neighborhood Trader Joes!


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  1. Brilliant!! Easy, quick and looks delicious!!